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Working from Home Spring Term 2021

Happy New Year!

I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas and have enjoyed your school holidays and time with your families.


It has been a shock to learn that we won't be returning to school just yet but it is a decision that has been made to keep everybody safe.  I am so happy to have taught you for a term because I know that you will all continue to shine brightly, try your best and work hard to complete your activities.  Remember it will be different to school and sometimes it might seem hard and lonely but remember I am always here to help you. I would, like you,  prefer to be in our classroom laughing and learning all together but for now we will have to do the best job we can, at home.


Just like last time we will arrange a Teams meeting to see each other, discuss the activities you complete at home,  set some tasks and of course have some group fun!  Today (Tuesday) all of the teachers are in school getting everything ready to help you. So dig deep and find your Tanworth spirit and continue to be the fabulous class you are. 


from your super proud teacher, Miss Evens


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