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Friday 1st May


Well over the last 2 weeks we have really been working hard with our 2D and 3D shape knowledge.  Today you have some challenge cards to complete. There area mixture of 2D and 3D challenges.


You can print the sheet out or read the challenges from the slides below. Record the answers in your book. 

Good luck, next week we are going to be looking at subtraction.


Today we are going to write a character description of the Wolf. Read the description below.

This description only describes the appearance of the wolf and this week we have been thinking about the appearance and the characteristics of the wolf. Today I would like you to write a description of the Wolf including some sentences about his appearance and some sentences about his characteristics/personality. Your handwriting yesterday had a variety of different sentences.


  • OPTION 1 Write descriptive sentences about both his appearance and his personality/characteristics.  Aim for 4 sentences for each. I would be looking for well written extended sentences.
  • OPTION 2 As a challenge you could write two paragraphs about the Wolf one for his appearance and one for his personality again with extended sentences and different sentence starters (see below)
  • OPTION 3 If you are a very confident writer or fancy a challenge you might like to write one paragraph that swaps between the two type of sentences and refers to the story Little Red. Think carefully about the variety of sentence starters and keep stopping and re-reading to make sure you have a good flow and of course lots of stretchy extended sentences.

Be careful when using the sentence starters if you are doing option 2 or 3 of today's tasks or your writing will end up like a list and when writing a paragraph your writing needs to flow.

Topic/Theme - Science

Today I would like you to get out and about, you might need your wellies and your coat, to see what minibeasts are in your garden . Minibeasts are simply small animals e.g. ants, spiders, wasps etc. This week you made maps of some of the microhabitats in your garden and many minibeasts will live in these mircohabitats.


Use the sheet/pictures to look at what you might find, go outdoor and explore. You might keep a tally of the minibeasts you find, take some photographs, make some sketches, tick them off the record sheet, make a poster of what you found. The choice is up to you.




Before you go and explore, please watch the video below. When we are looking for animals in their habitats we mustn't disturb them, if we do pick them up for a short while we must put them back where or near to where we found them. The video below shows what animals might be found under large logs.  The scientist explains carefully some useful techniques! 

113 - Exploring Micro-Habitats: Life Under Logs (Updated see video#213)

This video shows many animals that live in the microhabitats under logs.