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Autumn 2020

Home learning gallery


Last week, we had the home learning gallery in class to showcase all of the amazing work that the children have been doing at home based on our "Amazing Americas" topic. It never fails to impress me how hard the children work on their home learning projects and how creative they are! This term was no exception - we had models, posters, comic strips, food, books, posters, PowerPoints and more! Well done to all of the children for their effort and a big thank you to them for their care, time and creativity! Enjoy the photos below! 

Negative numbers


We took our maths learning outside today! We have been learning about negative numbers and we had three challenges!

Challenge 1 - draw a number line and place a selection of positive and negative numbers in the correct place

Challenge 2 - use the number lines we had drawn to work out which statement was the odd one out! (We had to find the difference between numbers and work out more and less than given amounts)

Challenge 3 - a game - positive vs negative! We had to roll a dice and try and move a team mate (by adding and subtracting) to the end of the number line before the opposite team got there first!

Grammar relay races


We've been revising word classes this week and have been focused on nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, determiners and prepositions. To help us learn to categorise the words, we took part in a relay race where we had to run to a hoop, choose a word then run back and stick it in the correct place depending on the group it belonged to!

50 state search!


Today we found out the names of the 50 states that make up The United States of America. 

The outline of each state was stuck up around the classroom, corridor and hall. The children had a map of The USA and had to work out which state was which by studying the outline very carefully and matching it to the map!

Sparkly Start


To kick start our theme - Amazing Americas - we took part in a sparkly start! Flags from different countries in North and South America were hidden across the school grounds alongside information about each country. Children took part in a scavenger hunt to find each flag and then record information about the different countries in their passports. They then had to work out what linked the different countries to find out what our theme is!

Parts of a flower


In science, we've learnt about the male and female parts of the flower - the stamen and carpel. We dissected flowers and found the stigma, style, ovary, anther, filament and pollen. We also produced drawings in the style of Georgia O'Keefe to show off our science learning in an artistic way!

The Water Cycle!


We've been learning about evaporation, condensation and the water cycle! To help us remember the different stages, we learnt a catchy song and dance (which we haven't stopped singing all week!)


Still image for this video

This is us!


The children created sculptures to share information about themselves with the class. Each strip of paper corresponded to a certain fact e.g. a green zigzag meant that they could speak another language or a yellow arch meant that they had a pet. Children built their sculptures using this information and then shared what each part meant about them.

We celebrated the fact that even though we have similarities and might have built our sculpture out of similar things, each sculpture was different because we're all different and that's what makes life interesting!