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Maths: Today I'd like you to use your Maths homework books for your activity.  


But before you begin your actual work, practice some of your times tables (particularly the ones you find trickiest!)  You could play some of the games we learnt at the end of last week and the beginning of this week or you could do some of your daily exercise for the Get Set for Tokyo challenge with a supermovers song! (Remember to log your exercise!)


When you've warmed up your Maths brains, turn to page 22 in your Maths books and use all of the times table knowledge to complete the page!


Brain break


English: Meet me at 10 o'clock for our English lesson.  We will be doing some quick grammar work before doing a little shared writing in preparation for your writing task! We will be thinking about the middle part of the story Cinderella of the Nile and what Rhodopis' life was like whilst she was a slave in Egypt, how she was treated and by who and how this made her feel!


Brain break


RE: Today we're thinking about the Beatitudes.  Watch the video uploaded of me explaining what the Beatitudes are.

Many Christians believe Jesus' words and actions show them how to live.

I would like you to create a piece of artwork that represents the Beatitudes.  Use your imagination and get creative!  I've uploaded some ideas for you!