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At Tanworth-in-Arden we believe that computing should permeate the curriculum and be a tool for learning. Our aim is to allow children to develop the necessary computing skills needed for lifelong learning in the 21st century.  We are fortunate to have a designated Computer room which has 18 desktops. We also have 30 laptops 10 Mac books and 15 I-Pads which the children have access to. Mrs Bamford is leader of our IT and Computing, however all class teachers teach pupils in both Key Stages on learning computer skills and coverage of the Computing National Curriculum including online safety.

Computing comprises of three strands, which will be delivered to ensure a balanced curriculum:

Computer science - the study of the foundational principles and practices of computation and computational thinking, and their application in the design and development of computer systems

IT - the creative and productive use and application of computer systems, hardware and software

Digital Literacy - the ability of learners to use, express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology with regard to safeguarding and online etiquette.


During their time at Tanworth-in-Arden pupils will have opportunities to undertake research work, document production, produce slide shows, presentations and artwork from the workstations. Pupils have opportunities to use a range if IT including desk tops, I-Pads, laptops and Mac books. 


Internet Safety training is of paramount importance, with Mrs Bamford being the Online Safety Leader. Within the scheme 'Purple Mash', every year group has one unit of learning on online safety. Online safety is not only taught discretely through computing but additionally during PSHE lessons and whole school sessions and as part of other subjects where pupils might use technology, such as for email, blogging and online research. More information about online safety and the E-safety Committee can be found under the children tab.



Computing Progression of Skills Year 1-6

Progression of Online Safety Years 1-6

On 11th February 2020, Tanworth School arranged activities to take part in the international day to recognise online safety. All the classes worked on different tasks and showed their work during the daily assembly. Class 3 and class 6 created some songs about online safety; we hope you enjoy them. 

Online Safety - Year 3

Online Safety - Year 6