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Special Places


Do you have a special place that you like to go to?

How does your special place make you feel?

Why do you go there?


Miss Smith's special place is her grandparents garden. She likes going there as they live in the middle of the countryside and the garden is peaceful and quiet and it makes her feel calm and happy. The garden is quite sentimental to her as her Grandparents planted a tree there on the day she was born and Miss Smith has a photo with her tree on every birthday. This year is the first year she's not been able to do it as she turned 24 on the 4th April and corona virus meant she couldn't go.


See photos below of her special place.

Where is a Christian's special place?

Do they have a special place they go?

Why do they go there? (to pray, to celebrate, to talk to God)

How does it make them feel? (closer to God, a better person)


Have a look at the churches below.

Who works at a Church? (priest)