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The following document contains games and practise methods that the children are familiar with from our Scode lessons. They explain to you, how to use them to help learn and embed their spellings. Please use them to help practise those spellings they are finding particularly difficult.

Spellings we're finding tricky!



Homework: Wc- 17.5.24

Snglish: Please can you work through the possessive apostrophe questions on the attached document. If you need some help please watch the video linked below:

Possessive apostrophe

Maths: This week we have started our work on money. Please could you get coins and notes out and get the children counting amounts of money. The class are good at recognising coins and notes and are becoming more confident in counting up in the denominations of the coins. What we're finding tricky is if we have an amount where there isn't a digit in the tens column how we should write this down, so for example if we have two 50p coins, a 5p coin and a 2p coin this equals £1.07. We need to remember to add that 0 in!


For those that struggle to locate coins please find the attached document with different amounts.

Homework: 10/05/24

Maths: I have set some times table work on Times table Rockstars. 

Also, we're beating Year 4 in our Rock battle, keep up the practice Year 3!! So keep logging in and practising those tables. 11x10 seems to be a stickler for the class!


English: Please complete the work on subordinate conjunctions.


Please remember, reading and times table books are also considered as homework.

Homework: 03.05.24


Maths: An LBQ task on Equivalent fractions. If you want you (the parent) can watch this video to see how equivalent fractions have been taught in school if you feel your child needs support.


English: An LBQ task on standard inflections. I've noticed recently a lot of non-standard English has been creeping into the class' writing, eg 'I got captured,' instead of 'I was captured'. This task will focus on selecting and using the correct verb forms.


As always there are times table tasks to work on. I've challenged the class to turn the 10 times table green on Times table rockstars as this is currently orange on my class overview and is the reason why they have been asked to practice it in their times table books this week. The class also have a rock battle with Year 4 on Times table rockstars, I have set the time that counts for the results of the battle for after school times.

Homework: 26.04.23

Please log into LBQ for this week's homework.

Maths: There are 2 activities to revisit your learning on unit and non-unit fractions. Remember a unit fraction is where the numerator is equal to 1, a non-unit fraction is where the numerator is larger than 1.

English: There is an activity linked to spelling words with the suffix -ous. Remember that -ous means it is full of the root word, eg. courageous = full of courage.


As always there are still times tables to practise in both the times table book and on Times Table rockstars! Don't forget your reading!

Homework - 15.03.23

Maths: There is a new session to complete on Times table rockstars. This runs all week and the children should be logging in at regular intervals!

Grammar: Please follow the link to complete work based on direct speech and inverted commas.

Homework - 8.4.24

Please log onto LBQ you will find two sessions for you to complete, an English and a Science session.

The English is again linked to inverted commas and direct speech.

The Science looks at the vocabulary needed for our work on plants.


As always, the class need to complete their times table books with the target table and log onto Times Table Rockstars whenever possible.

Homework - 1.3.23

Spanish: a colour by numbers activity. We have learnt both the numbers 1-10 and the colours in Spanish.


Grammar: We have sang this song many times in class to help us learn how to punctuate speech. Listen and sing along. Then in your reading book can you identify where direct speech has been used. Can you spot any of the rules we have discussed in class? Write out some of the speech and label the rules for speech you can see.


Maths: Log onto Times table rockstars and prepare for your next battle! This time we will be challenging Year 5!

The Direct Speech Song (Inverted Commas)

Homework - 23.02.24

Your child will come home with a log in for Times tables Rockstars. They have had a chance to use this in school and I have set a session for them to complete over the course of next week.


The school has also now enabled LBQ for independent study at home. this is a fantastic tool that the children really enjoy using in school. They have stuck the independent access code into their reading record along with their password. I have added three sessions (2 Maths and 1 Grammar) onto LBQ for them to complete by next Thursday. If you have any issues logging in then please don't hesitate to contact/speak to me.


The Maths activities relate to their work on short multiplication which we have undertaken in class.

The Grammar homework is focussed on using capital letters for Proper nouns, this is an area that the class as a whole are working on remembering to consistently apply in their writing.

Homework - 12.01.24

Maths: Follow the link to find the carroll diagrams to sort the multiples of different times tables. Year 3 focus on the following times tables: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10. They can play any variation of sorting the multiples of these times tables.


Carroll Diagrams Multiples


English: Watch the video of the imperative verbs song we have used in class.


The Imperative Verbs Song

Follow the link and play the imperative verb game:

Imperative verb balloon pop

Homework 15/12/23


Grammar homework - demarcating sentences. The class have been working really hard on what constitutes a sentence and how we show that a sentence comes to an end. With this in mind, please find the link to this website below and follow the tabs on the page through to work on this aspect.

Demarcating sentences


Maths homework - 3 times table. We have started our multiplication and division unit in Maths. The children have been working hard and we have been looking at the three times table in depth. 

Can your child highlight all of the multiples of three on the 100 square? What pattern starts to emerge?

Interactive hundred square

Ask your child what trick I taught them to find out if a 2 digit or 3 digit number is a multiple of 3?

Play hit the button for the three times table, link attached.

Hit the button

Homework - 17.11.23



Your child needs to work alongside the video, pausing at the correct moments to complete the work. The class have been subtraction superstars this week!



This work focusses on ensuring that capital letters are used accurately. Work through the tabs at the bottom of the screen.


Maths Homework - 29.9.23

Over the course of the week we have been focussing on our place value work in Maths. This week focussing on comparing and ordering 3 digit numbers. I feel it would be beneficial for the class to practice this at home, therefore please find the attached link. This will take you to a video, the children will need to watch the video and work alongside it at the correct moments pausing it when necessary to complete their workings out.


White Rose maths comparing numbers to 1000


I have also sent through a write on PDF (they should be able to type onto it) worksheet that is linked to the video that the children can complete if they wish to.


As per the revision of our homework policy these do not need to be handed/emailed in to me.