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What is British Science Week?

British Science Week is a 10-day programme of thousands of events running throughout the whole of the UK with the aim of celebrating science, engineering, technology and maths. With no restrictions on who can organise events, the topics on which they are focused, the audience or the venue, the resulting programme is a hugely varied and eclectic mix suitable for people of all ages and abilities.


What are the dates?

For 2022, British Science Week will take place between 11 – 20 of March 2022.

Who organises British Science Week?


British Science Week  is coordinated by the British Science Association and is funded by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

British Science Week events can be organised by anyone. Our organisers are people from all walks of life: teachers, community group leaders, researchers, parents, students, professionals and many more. The continuing success of the Week depends entirely on the incredible efforts of our event organisers and the enthusiasm of participants.


You can find out more about British Science Week 2022 by clicking this link