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We are good learners

On our first day of Y6, we took some time to think about what a good learner actually is – what they say, what they think, what they do and what they don’t do. We then linked this to our school rules of Ready, Respectful and Safe to create a class behaviour display.

All about me

As part of our first week back, the children created some paper sculptures based on their likes, dislikes and lives. Each colour and style of strip had a specific meaning and helped me to find out all about them as individuals! It also let us see that although we have similar interests, we are all unique and special in our own way!

Our Sparkly Start

Our theme this term is Brazil and the Amazon. For our sparkly start, the children were played some Samba music and shown some clues – feathers, sequins, football boots, a tree and a river, which allowed them to correctly guess our theme! We then watched the film ‘Rio’ and made carnival style masks, ready to join in with the carnival at the end of the film!

Musical maestros

Our new music teacher – Mr Stoneman – came to give us a music lesson today! We learnt how to play three different songs on the Ukuleles and had a lesson in pulse, rhythm and tempo. We think we sound pretty great!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Super scientists

We combined our geography and science skills this week to create some beautiful work. We have been learning about the different types of invertebrates and how they are classified during our science lessons and we decided to carry out some field work and investigate in which part of the school grounds the most invertebrates could be found! Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of invertebrates in forest school and the prayer garden ad we concluded that this was because they are damp, dark and more secluded.


Inspired by our science work on classifying animals and our geography work on the Amazon rainforest, we’ve been sketching a variety of animals in the style of a variety of artists. We have explored sketching techniques, texture, light and dark as well as proportion and we’ll be combining all of this learning to produce an original picture of a rainforest animal inspired by the artists we’ve looked at! It’s a work in progress but check out what we’ve done so far!

Curious about creation

In RE, we’ve been thinking about Christian and scientific beliefs about creation and whether they are conflicting or complimentary. As part of this, we looked at certain statements from people about their beliefs and decided whether it was something a Christian or scientist might say or whether it could be something both groups of people believe. We’re learning that it is possible to be both a Christian and scientist and that many people believe many different things.

Science week

For science week, we were inspired by the book ‘Here we are’ and in particular the section about the wonderful things that can be found in the oceans. However, it saddened us greatly that what can be found in the ocean is actually a lot of plastic! We have been researching plastic pollution this week and conducted an investigated into the effects of plastic on marine animals. We found out the plastic can be mistaken by animals for food and stay undigested in their stomachs, causing illness and starvation. As a result of this, we decided to write letters to the prime minister to persuade him to do more to tackle the problem of plastic pollution!

Long Division legends

One of our very first new bits of Year 6 learning is long division! It was a method that made our brains hurt to begin with but it’s safe to say that we’re now long division legends!

Questions, questions…

Continuing with our work on creation, we’ve been thinking about all of the things we’ve ever wanted to know about how the Earth, universe and mankind were created. We wrote all of these questions down and then considered whether science, religion or a combination of both would be best placed to answer them. We don’t necessarily have all of the answers but it was a lot of fun asking all the questions!