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Go through your sounds mats saying the sounds and tricky words.

Today's blend is 'xt'.

Have a go at the following activity:

Segment the following words out loud to your children to write down. Once they have written each word, ask them to read it and tell you what it is. Although you are spelling out these words for your children, they need to know what the sound looks like from hearing it and they need the blending skill to read it at the end.


next (n-e-x-t)

text (t-e-x-t)


Choose a word from the xt activity and write a sentence including that word and a tricky word. It's important to complete these sentences as I'm not setting any literacy work for the children to complete. I'm doing this so that the children are having lots of phonics practise.

Make sure you have your Phase 2 and 3 sound mat in front of you to help you write your sentence(s).


This week we are going to be doing addition and subtraction at the same time so that children can practise looking at the symbols and deciphering what needs to be done on the number line.

Make sure your child understands the first number is where we start on the number line and the second number is how many jumps we do.

Encourage your children to be really careful when reading the sums.


Your sums are:


10 + 6 =


14 - 7 =


12 + 5 =


19 + 11 =


I will attach a number line below if you haven't already got one or you can draw your own.



Watch the following clip and every time the children do something unkind, squirt a bit of shaving gel or squirty cream on a plate (if you don't have any of these use anything that that can't be put back once it is out of it's container).

Be Kind and Share

Now listen to following comments. If you hear something unkind, squirt more cream or shaving gel on the plate.


"Go away!"


"I really like your shoes."


"Please can I play too?"


"You're not allowed to play with us."


"I'm not your best friend anymore."


"I know! You have a turn and then I will."


"I'm not inviting you to my party."


"My watch is better than yours."


My goodness! Look at all the unkind things we have heard this lesson. Look at the plate.

Saying unkind things is like shaving gel, once it is out it can't be put back in.

It's important to think before you speak and make sure what you are about to say is kind.