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The Teachers need your help!

Every teacher in school is responsible for different subjects.  As part of our subject leader responsibilities we normally sit down with a group of children and ask them what they've learnt and what they like about the different subjects.  Could you help us with this please?  Talk with your adults (adults if you could email me their responses) and tell them one thing that you like about the following subjects:


English (this includes Phonics)







PSHE (with Jigsaw Jack and the chime bar!)


The teachers would be extremely grateful if you could help us out with this task, thank you so much!!

Maths: Let's practice our number bonds quickly!

Now we're going back to fractions! Yay!  We're going to be thinking about recognising quarters again today.  There are three different levels of challenge so choose the one that is right for you!

English: Read the poster below and answer the questions.

SSHHH!!! Surprise for Daddies!


So it's Father's Day on Sunday and in school we would have been making cards for our wonderful Dads!  Just because you're at home doesn't mean you have to buy one from a shop, have fun making your Dad a tie-rrific card! wink



  • Father’s Day Tie Card printout
  • White or pastel colored printer paper
  • Small Buttons – optional
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Crayons and/or markers
  • Colorful wrapping paper – optional



  1. Select the Father’s Day Card to print using white or pastel color
    printer paper.
  2. Cut out the two pieces of the printout, the shirt / card part and the tie.
  3. Trace the tie (and collar) on colorful wrapping paper. I used paper decorated with stamps. Striped paper also works really well for the tie.
  4. Glue the pointed collar portion of the tie to the collar part of the card – the front of the decorative paper will be glued to the back of the collar.
  5. Fold on the dotted line – Happy Father’s Day should appear under the tie.
  6. Optional – Glue small buttons onto the collar lapels.