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Go through your sounds mats saying the sounds and tricky words.

Today's blend is 'dr'.

Play 'dr' bingo using the following words: drench, drop, dress, dragon, drip, drink.


Choose a word from the dr activity and write a sentence including that word and a tricky word. 

Make sure you have your Phase 2 and 3 sound mat in front of you to help you write your sentence(s).


This morning we are going to be focusing on Mr Nicholls' basketball challenge.

Click the link below and scroll down to basketball. Don't forget to submit your results.


Listen to the following song about friendship.

You've Got A Friend In Me - Randy Newman

Match the Disney friends below.

Do they always get on or do they sometimes fall out?

What do they do to make sure they stay good friends?


What does being a good friend mean?

What should we do?

What shouldn't we do?


Can you give an example of a friend and why you like them?