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RE Task

What is the Trinity?


This is the new question we are exploring in our RE lessons. You should know a little bit about this already as we have talked about it in some assemblies in school and Paul the vicar has also mentioned it in church.


Trinity starts with the prefix 'tri' which means 3. Can you think of any other words that begin with 'tri' because they have 3 of something?


The trinity is what Christians believe are the 3 parts of God. God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit.


We are going to begin by exploring the baptism of Jesus. This was done by John the Baptist, who was Jesus' cousin. Watch the video below to see what happens...



The Miracle Maker - Jesus Baptism

In this part of the bible Christians say you can see the Trinity, the 3 parts of God in Jesus the Son, God the Father speaking and the dove showing the Holy Spirit.


In fact many artists have painted pictures to show the Trinity at Jesus' baptism. Have a look at some of them below and see if you can spot the Trinity:

Now have a go at creating your own piece of art to show the Trinity at Jesus' baptism. How will you show the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?