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Summer 2 Week 5 29.06.20

Monday 29th June 2020

Welcome back to another week of the summer term. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and recovered after all your sporty activity last week.



This week we are going to have a problem solving week in Mathematics. Today's problem is about finding all possibilities and then thinking of questions to ask to extend the investigation. These are really good skills to have for mathematics and science!

 yes Good Luck! yes

How could you now extend this? What question could you ask? Some ideas below.


  • Some families of 9 live in the town too. What could their houses look like?
  • Building laws have been changed and now three rooms can be on the ground floor. What could a house for 7 people or 9 people look like now?



English - Spelling

Today you are the teacher and I need your help to spot some mistakes. You will need to use your Year 2 common word spelling knowledge to help you correct the mistakes. 

Topic/Theme - Science

This week in science we are going to look at life cycles. A life cycle is a way of showing stages that a living thing moves through from birth/germination to death. Any living thing plant or animal, including humans, will have a life cycle. Today we are going to look at the life cycle of a sunflower.  

Today's Tasks

  • Watch the video below, which is one of my favourites because you can see all the stages of a sunflower's life and I love the music too!
  • Then read the information on the power point to find out more about the different stages and some important vocabulary. 
  • Then use the cut and stick pictures to create your own sunflower life cycle. There is a sheet to stick your pictures onto but it might be clearer in your book or on a larger piece of paper.
  • Then give a brief description using the correct vocab (use the word mat to help you) of what is happening in each stage. 
  • Colour in the picture to make your work clear and well presented.

My Sunflower Timelapse - from Seed to Flower to Seed

Timelapse of my dwarf sunflower

Look through the powerpoint to find out about the stages of a sunflower's life cycle.

Assembly - The wise King

Another open the book assembly for you to enjoy.  Follow the link below.