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Science: Watch the episodes on CBBC that I highlighted on the tv timetable.  You could watch it live, record it and watch in the afternoon or watch it on bbc iplayer.


When you have watched the programs I'd like you to follow the instructions and make some Ear Gongs. The instructions are in the PDF document uploaded with the assignment. When you have made your ear gongs, wrap the other end of the string several times around their index fingers. Swing the hanger so the triangular part of the hanger hits a metal surface such as the side of a desk or filing cabinet or chair leg and listen to the dull sound created. Then put your index finger in your ear and again swing the hanger so that the triangular part strikes a hard surface. Record your answers to the questions in the PDF document in your book/word document.


Brain break


Maths: Meet me at 10 o'clock for our Maths lesson. We are going to be looking at arrays today to ensure we have a good understanding before we proceed with our multiplication and division work! We'll be discussing what an array is, how you can tell it's an array, what else it shows or could be used to work out.  We'll be thinking about statements such as 'I found the product of 7 and 3 and the product of 7 and 6 and then added them together.' Do you think this would work to work out the number and multiplication an array represents?  Can we prove our answer?  Remember how I love to say to you to 'prove it!'


If you're unsure about arrays visit this website before you attempt any of the Chilli challenges just to get you comfortable with what an array is!

If you're a parent and unsure what an array is, follow the link to this webpage that explains it nicely!


Chilli 1: Use the arrays and chunk them into known multiplication facts, for example:

Chilli 2: Use the arrays and chunk into known multiplication facts as in Chilli 2, but can you also draw a blank array like the one below:

Chilli 3: Draw blank arrays for the multiplications on the sheet and find the products.


Brain break


English: Today you are going to be finishing your story map.  This part of the story is the final part.  I would like you to include what happens in Egypt, how the Egyptian servants treat Rhodopis, who takes her red slipper, who searches for her.  You could watch the video I have uploaded a video of myself making a story map to show you what to do again if you like, although we have done this in school!  Your story map should be annotated with memorable lines and the emotions that Rhodopis is feeling at each point as well as key words, for example, but, so, next etc.


Don't forget that you can also complete a spelling activity, read a chapter of 'Secrets of a Sun King' and complete a guided reading task (I didn't have many in last week!), complete your optional Maths task do some personal reading, listen to the weekly music and complete the daily PE activity and activities for the Get Set to Tokyo challenge!