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E-Safety Committee


New E-Safety Committee members have now been appointed for 2021-2022. The children meet every three weeks with Mrs Bamford to discuss how to keep safe online. Throughout the year the group will discuss how we can continue to share online safety messages with the rest of the children. 

We are the E-Safety Committee 2021-2022


Year 6: Cassie and Albert

Year 5: Evelyn and Sophia

Year 4: Megan and Chloe
Year 3: Zach and Alice


Mrs Bamford



Safer Internet Day 2022 will be celebrated on 8th February with the theme ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’.


From gaming and chat, to streaming and video, young people are shaping the interactive entertainment spaces they are a part of. Safer Internet Day 2022 celebrates young people’s role in creating a safer internet, whether that is whilst gaming and creating content, or interacting with their friends and peers.

Safer Internet Day 2021

On Tuesday 9th February we will be joining schools and youth organisations across the UK in celebrating Safer Internet Day 2021. Safer Internet Day is a global campaign to promote the safe and responsible use of technology, the day calls upon all stakeholders to join together to make the internet a safer and better place for all, and especially for children and young people. This is especially important now as the children are using the internet now more than ever to continue their education at home.

Using the internet safely and positively is a key message that we promote in school and celebrating Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity for us to re-emphasise the online safety messages we deliver throughout the year. 

Safer Internet Day Assembly Slides



On this page you will find lots of information to help you keep safe online.

Online safety games
Last week, the online safety team started to create 3D games that will warn children of the dangers on working online. Children should keep looking back at their 'purple mash' noticeboards - hopefully we'll be finishing and sharing them in the next couple of weeks.
Last week, the 'Online Safety Crew' were thinking about how we can help members of the community to be safer online. We have started to create presentations that we will be sharing with members of the community. Keep your eyes peeled for presentation dates and if you can think of anyone who might want some advice please point them in the direction of Mr Dourass.
Game Danger

The 'Online Safety Crew' have been thinking about which websites and games are safe to be used by children. Children should be looking for PEGI ratings for games, this tells you what age you should be to play on a certain game. Roblox has a PEGI rating of 7 but you do have to be really careful because you can talk to anyone on the game; this isn't very safe. We have been making posters about game danger to put around the village of Tanworth-in-Adren.


Here is the logo to look out for on games...


We have been trying to improve the quality of the passwords children are using in school. There is a ‘fine line’ between choosing a password which is impossible to crack and a password which is impossible to remember. We are now encouraging the older children to select passwords which are over 8 characters long, have a number and also have a capital letter. Having symbols in the place of letters is also a good way of making passwords difficult to crack. Change passwords regularly and keep them to yourselves.

Keeping Safe While Sharing Online

The children from years 4 and 5 have been sharing some of their content with other members of the class. We have been discussing how sharing information can be dangerous if it is done in an irresponsible way. Our shared display boards and can only be seen by pupils of our school (and in most cases by the children of one class), the children know that this may not be the case if they share information on home computers. Please keep reminding your children of the importance of online safety.

Safer Internet Day - 5th February 2019


On Tuesday 5th February we celebrated 'Safer Internet Day' at Tanworth-in-Arden Primary School. We had some very interesting activities planned during the day (photos to follow) and our 'Online Safety Committee' did a wonderful job at interviewing children in regards to current knowledge.


One area that we will be focussing on in the coming months is 'permission'. Lots of the children in school know what the word permission means but don't always consider the repercussions of agreeing to 'terms and conditions'.


Parents need to be mindful that their children may unwittingly give permission for data to be shared by simply clicking a check-box. We will be encouraging children to ask an adult whether they should agree to 'terms and conditions' when downloading games or visiting websites.


Please continue to be vigilant of which websites your children visit and take appropriate steps to ensure your children do not play on unsuitable, age-restricted games.


Year 3 created a Safer Internet Quiz.

The Year 5 children started to create comic strips about online safety for the children in Year 2.

During the autumn term the Year 4 children have been creating leaflets and posters about online safety.

Well done to the overall winner of ‘Online Safety’ competition; Gracie in year 4. Her design was both colourful and informative. We particularly liked the slogan.

In assembly on 6th February the 'Online Safety Team' revealed a competition about keeping safe online. Here are the riddles you need to answer. Please write your answers on the competition sheets you have been given. The closing date for the competition is Monday 12th February 2018.  


1.Don’t write this down anywhere (keep only in your brain), the effect could be disastrous. What am I?



2.Don’t talk to people you do not know. Their proper face they will not show. They interfere with your games and never reveal their real names. It rhymes with slacker. What am I?


3.You can’t use this without logging on. You can carbon copy more than once. You can talk to people from far away. What am I?