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Watch the videos to find out about and listen to our new class text: The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Three Billy Goats Gruff retelling.mp4

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Listen to the story.  What words can you hear that end with the suffixes est and er?  Can you think of some more to describe the goats and the troll?


I have made an example for you and provided a word list of potential words you might like to choose.  You can present your work in a table or draw a picture of each character and write the words around it. 

Smallest Billy Goat Middle sized Billy Goat Largest Billy Goat The Troll






bigger biggest stinkiest

Here's a powerpoint telling you how to add on the er and est suffixes.


Watch the video entitled - Week 1, Lesson 2: Measure mass.


You will need your balance (that you made yesterday, if not don't worry and watch the video showing you what to do below!)


Weighing video.wmv

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You will need 5 building blocks (lego, megablocks etc). Using your balance, can you find 3 things that are lighter than your blocks, 3 things that are heavier than your blocks and 1 thing that weighs the same as your blocks.


You can record your work either as a photo or in a table. 


Today's art challenge is based on animals.  I would like you to think of an animal you would like to make a stick skeleton of.

What you need to do:


Find an animal you are interested in.

See if you can find a picture of your animal as a skeleton.

Find sticks in your garden or on a walk.

Use your sticks to make a skeleton picture (like the one below).