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Friday 15th May 2020

If you are able to today, please pop on to the blog and comment on my post with how you usually travel to school.  It would be useful to have this information for one of Monday's Maths activities.  Thanks!

Miss Cottrell


Can I write a setting description?


Today, I’d like you to use your ideas that you’ve gathered over the week to write a setting description.  Two or three paragraphs is plenty.  Remember, there doesn’t have to be a lot of action involved from you or your character’s point of view, you are describing what is there and going on around them. 


The key to a good setting description is variety!   Try to avoid starting too many sentences with “There was…” or “There were…”.  Use fronted adverbials, or an expanded noun phrase for the plant or animal instead (like in the example on Tuesday and Thursday’s GPS).  You could split your writing into paragraphs for some of the different senses or one about the trees and river, one about the birds and animals.  If you have other ideas, that’s fine too, these are just suggestions to help you organise your writing.



If you’d like some more practice on time, there is a code cracker activity for you to use.


Please also find time to practice your times tables.


This website is good for mental maths practice on a range of topics and a range of levels.  You can set a timer of different lengths to answer questions and it covers all sorts of mental maths skills (choose from the dropdown menus at the top).


Can I explore my spelling pattern?


Complete the activity sheets for your spellings.

SNIP spellers, you have a handwriting sheet and a wordsearch.

Children doing the ex- words, you have a wordsearch and a crack the code activity to do.

Mental Health Week

Today, I'd like you to watch one or more of these clips from Harry Potter where characters face their fears.  Think about how they show that there are more important things: friendship and bravery…


Heart of courage


Can you think of a time when you have felt scared or unsure but friends or family have helped you feel safe and less worried?  We all need people to help us.  Can you think of a time when you have helped someone else to feel less scared?