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Hello everyone smiley

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

It's the last week of learning at home and I'm so excited to have you back in the classroom.

5 school days to go!



9:30 - Morning Phonics Live Lesson

1:45 / 2:00 - Afternoon Feedback Session


You will need a piece of paper/notebook/whiteboard and something to write with. You probably won't need it in the lesson but bring it just in case my screen doesn't share with you.

Phase 5: 'j' written as 'dge'

Activity 1: Tricky Word Song

Activity 2: Obb or Bob

Activity 3: Rhyming Words- using the following words, think of a word that rhymes with each word and write down the rhyming pair. 


- budge

- ledge

- fridge




This week in our English lessons we are going to be doing GPS.

Today we are going to be focusing on capital letters.


A place's name, a person's name and the beginning of a sentence always start with a capital letter.


For example:


He took Jack to London.


The H in He is a capital because it's the beginning of a sentence.

The J in Jack is a capital because it's the first letter in someone's name.

The L in London is a capital because it's the first letter in a place name.


Have a go at playing the following game.

Join me for a game of Capital Letter Bingo in this afternoon's meeting.

Have a piece of paper with the following capital letters on ready for the start of the meeting.















Today we are going to be learning about odd and even numbers.

Look at the Numicon below. You could also have your Numicon print outs from your pack in front of you.

Each Numicon shape represents a number, you can find out the number by counting how many circles it has.

When a number is an even number, every circle in the Numicon shape will have a pair.

Such as:

2, 4, 6, 8 and 10

When a number is an odd number, there will be a circle without a pair.

Such as:

1, 3, 5, 7 and 9

Have a go at making the numbers up to 10 in Numicon shapes. You could use food, like raisins (and then you can eat them after...yum!) or anything to represent the circles.

When you have made them, say whether each number is odd or even.


Today we are going to be having a look at another animal group.

We have already looked at mammals and reptiles and now we are going to learn about amphibians.

Visit the website below to learn about them.

In the video you might have seen an animal that looked like a snake.

It was not a snake... we know that snakes are reptiles.

This was actually an animal called a caecilian (pronounced se-si-li-an)

If you would like to know more about these animals, have a look at the website below.

Below are two documents for you complete. You can complete one or both.

The first is a frog labelling activity. If you don't have a printer draw and label a frog.

Extension: Can you tell me why a frog has webbed feet?

The second is a colouring in page of four different amphibians. Read their names and then colour them.