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Thurs 18th

Class Meeting

Our Class Meeting is today 11:00-12:00. The invitation has been sent to your school email address. Please make sure you logon by going through the address in the instructions, so it goes through your school login.  (See link below for instructions)




Please make sure you bring a piece of paper with you for the task. Look forward to seeing you later! Because we have the meeting, there is one less activity for you to complete today.


Please login to your MyMaths and complete 'Angles 1' by following Chapter 10 called Perpendicular and Parallel lines.


There are perpendicular and parallel lines all around us. Go on a treasure hunt and see if you can find any examples around your home? Perhaps you could take pictures of them or draw where you've seen them? Remember...


If you want to practise further please see the activities below:
English/ Theme

We have been able to experience some of the wonders of the tomb of Tutankhamun by watching the videos from the exhibition and seeing the artefacts that Howard Carter found. To persuade people to visit the exhibition they created a video which you can see below:


The Discovery of King Tut | The Exhibition | Official Trailer

I would like you to use the vocab and noun phrases you generated yesterday and any others you have picked up from the video to create a leaflet or poster for the exhibition.


Your job is to persuade people to go to the exhibition so as many people as possible can experience it and so that the organisers can make more money too!