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The Worry Box


I was very kindly shared this story by one of the parents so some of you may have already read this story to your children.

I have also read this story in class.

Children may find the times we are living worrying.

Having a worry box can relieve children of their anxieties as they can write or draw their worries and post them into their box.

This gives children the feeling that they are taking their worries out of their mind and putting them somewhere else, and therefore do not need to worry about it anymore.

This week, please create a worry box for you child to use at home.

Or create a worry monster that can eats your worries instead!

The last picture is a worry monster that you can buy if you're interested. I got mine from The Works but Amazon and eBay also sell them (there is a keyring version as well but the big one allows you to put the worries inside the monster and zip his mouth up)