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Fri 15th

Mental Health Task


Today is the last day of our mental health week tasks. Sometimes it gets really hard not to think of things in a negative way. It is hard to get out of too... Let's explore this a bit more.

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So, what I would like you to do is to turn your thoughts upside down. To look at things in a different way and try to see the positive or good that comes from everything. 

Please complete the task below and then keep a note of things that you say and how you can turn your negatives into positives. 



Today is Friday, so we will be taking a break from the measurement of time and using our Maths Homework books to keep our range of Maths skills going. This week should be Section 2, Test 10.




You should be familiar with your spellings for this week after the handwriting and activities earlier in the week. Today, I would like you to complete a challenge with them.


Write a poem or song using all your spelling words. Underline the words you used.


I would like you to complete you story writing of Khepri's new adventure today.

You should have written your introduction and build up yesterday, so today I want you to focus on your problem, solution and the ending. Don't forget to use your plan to help you!


Remember that the problem and solution is where there is most action, so choose your verbs carefully and keep your reader excited and engaged!


Don't forget those things I'm looking for in your writing too:

- Expanded noun phrases (description of the nouns, mainly using adjectives)

- Adverbs

- Different conjunctions

- New paragraphs for when the story changes time, place or person

- Speech, with the correct punctuation