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W/C: 4th January

Friday 8th January




1. English - LO: Can I respond to what I read?


2. Teams call - Maths - 10.20am - 10.40am


3. Maths task - LO: Can I solve problems? To be turned in on Teams by 2.15pm please


4. Theme - LO: As a geographer, can I identify features of a mountain range?


5. Teams call - Feedback - 2.45pm - 3.00pm


Remember to take brain breaks - get up, stretch your legs! Dance, sing, eat, watch Newsround, play a game or do one of the daily PE activities (and remember to log it!) Whatever you do, have fun!


Have the most wonderful weekend! I can't wait to see you on Monday!

Thursday 7th January




1. Maths - LO: Can I calculate perimeter?


2. Teams call - English - 10.20am - 10.40am


3. English task - LO: Can I understand new vocabulary in context? To be turned in on Teams by 2.15pm please


4. Spanish - LO: As a linguist, can I write the date?


5. Teams call - Feedback - 2.45pm - 3.00pm


Remember to take brain breaks - get up, stretch your legs! Dance, sing, eat, watch Newsround, play a game or do one of the daily PE activities (and remember to log it!) Whatever you do, have fun!


Wednesday 6th January


1. English

Have a look at the PowerPoint for this week's spelling rule.



Can you practise the spellings using one of these techniques?


Rainbow writing:




Squiggle spellings:

As an extension, can you unscramble the spelling words that Mr Muddle has dropped and write them into your book? (You don't need to print out the sheet!)

2. Theme - Computing


Log on to our Teams call and meet me at 10.20am! 

Remember to put your microphone on silent and please only use the chat function when I tell you to! 


I can't wait! I'm so looking forward to seeing your smiling faces :)

3. Teams task


While we're on the Teams call, I'm going to show you how to do something so I'd like you to have a go at this now please ready for our call later!

4. Maths 


We're going to continue with our work on perimeter today. Remember, perimeter is the measurement around the outside of a shape!


Have a look at your task below - read the instructions and work in your book. Remember, to use column addition if you need to!


There is also an extra challenge if you fancy getting your brains working!

5. Teams call


Log on to our Teams call at 2.45pm to see me and have some feedback on your task.



Remember to take lots of brain breaks while doing your work!


Mr Nicholls is uploading daily PE challenges that you can do so perhaps try some of those. Remember to log your sport activities and exercise for the Tokyo Challenge to on the Get Set website! You don't want the staff to beat you... again cheeky

Tuesday 5th January



We're going to do a grammar lesson today to refresh our memories about relative clauses! This is something you were really good at before Christmas so I'm hoping you'll breeze through this!


Remember, a main clause is a simple sentence that makes sense on its own

e.g. Miss Cutler danced in the rain.


We can add a relative clause (that doesn't make sense on its own) to give more information about the noun.


e.g. Miss Cutler, who was wearing sparkly wellies, danced in the rain.


Remember, relative clauses start with a relative pronoun - who, who's, whose, where, which, that


Today, I'd like you to head to the BBC Bitesize website using the link below. 

You need to:

- watch the first video - a song about relative clauses

- watch the second video - a cartoon about relative clauses

- read the information on the page

- complete the activity on the computer where you have to highlight the relative clause

- complete the second activity where you need to write a couple of sentences about a bear that include a relative clause 


You don't need to print anything out. You just need a paper and pen for the very last activity!

Guided Reading

We're going to start a new guided reading book. 

Today, I'd like you to look at the front cover below... 


Then I'd like you to think about the answers to these questions...


1. What do you think the title means - King of the Cloud Forests?

2. Where do you think the story is set? Why?

3. Who do you think the people might be? Why?

4. What do you think might happen in the story? Why?


Jot down some ideas on a piece of paper!


We are starting our new unit on area and perimeter.

This week, we will start to think about perimeter. Perimeter is the length of the outside of a shape!


Start by watching the video on the website below. It's the SECOND VIDEO called PERIMETER ON A GRID 


Don't worry about the worksheets it talks about - just watch the video! Easy peasy!




Now I'd like you to have a look at the sheet below. You don't need to print it out, just jot your answers down on a piece of paper. Can you find the perimeter of the shapes by counting the squares?


Our new PSHE module is called "Dreams and Goals"


I'd like you to start off by thinking about your dreams and goals for your life. Think about the following questions:


- what job would you like to do when you're older?

- would you like to drive? a car? a boat? a scooter? a lorry?

- what country would you like to live in?

- would you like to live in a house? in a bungalow? in an apartment?

- what hobbies would you like to do? skiing? golf? reading? travelling?

- would you like pets? a family?


Think about things that you can't get with money - what do you want for yourself? To be happy? To be loved? To be charitable? How would you achieve or measure these things?


When you've thought about this, I'd like you to create a poster to show your dreams and goals for the future! You can draw pictures and annotate and label them. You could even cut out pictures from magazines if you have them to create a collage! 

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!