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Today we will be thinking about punctuating direct speech.  Watch the video linked before you start as this will help you.

Then take a look at the different chilli challenges and write the sentences out in your books.


If you fancy a challenge look at the powerpoint below and convert the comic strip into direct speech.


Brain break



Meet me at 10 o'clock for our live Maths lesson. 


You will be playing a game today to practice your 6 times table. Watch the video to understand how to play.


You will need a some dice 🎲, muffin/cupcake tray with 12 sections in or an egg box with 12 spaces in. If you don’t have either of these don’t worry you could draw 12 circles on a piece of paper!


The focus of the game is to improve your rapid recall of the 6 times table. To make it harder you could play against someone else (maybe challenge an older sibling or your mum or dad to a game if you’re feeling confident!)  where you add your score up and the first to 500 wins! You could also use it to test your knowledge of division facts, for example if your opponent gets 48 can you work out what they had to multiple to score that?


Take a photo of your game or a video of you playing, let me know who one!


If you really fancy a challenge watch this video about making your own counting stick to help you practice your times tables like we did in yesterday's afternoon session!


Brain break



Read pages 4 and 5 of you Ancient Egypt study guide and use the information from these pages to answer the questions in the photocopied booklet titled 'The River Nile' that was enclosed in your home learning pack.


This task is to consolidate the learning from this week's Geography and History sessions.


Remember you have a times table task you can choose to do in your times table books, you also have spellings you can practice, there's chapters 3 and 4 to read of 'Secrets of a Sun King' if you haven't already read them, as well as some comprehension activities you can do related to these! (I haven't had many in this week!)  Plus your own individual reading as well!