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Today we have our first Teams assembly of the half term!  It's your favourite...singing! If you would like to join then click then join the meeting in your Assemblies Team at 11 o'clock.


Mr Fidler has been very busy this half term, not only has he prepared today's assembly for you, but he's also updated the weekly music piece.  This half term we will be looking at film scores and we're starting with a class favourite (no, it's not Harry Potter, but I hope that's on the list!) ... STAR WARS!  We've got lots of Mandalorian fans in the class so I'm sure you will enjoy it!


Maths: Today we're going to start thinking about division!  It is really, really important for us to learn why division works the way it does, so this is a plea to the parents: Please, please, please do not teach your child the following method for division just yet!

It's really important for the children to learn and practise the skill of division by partitioning first as this is a step in the process that will eventually lead to the above method.


Watch the video input I have recorded for you and work alongside the video.  I will tell you at different points to work on certain questions on your uploaded worksheet, you will then need to return to my video and work alongside it again.


Brain Break


PSHE: Meet me at 10 o'clock for our live lesson, where we will be having a chat, completing a calm me session and I will be explaining your task for today.


We are finishing off our Dreams and Goals PSHE unit, this task may take some time and requires teamwork!  You will have to work with your families as your team, because you have all been entered into the funniest potato person competition! 

The task involves:
• Working as a team
• Designing the Potato Person
• Making the Potato Person
• Creating a funny personality for the Potato Person


I know that lots of you may be unable to complete this today due to parents work commitments and siblings' remote learning so I will not expect this to be completed until Friday!


Brain Break


English: Today we will be recapping the present and past tenses.  I'd like you to start by clicking on the link below, watch the videos and complete the activities on the website.


When you've completed that you are ready to choose your challenge: each challenge will require you to identify whether something is written in the past or present tense and rewrite sentences or paragraphs into the present or past tense.


Brain Break


Afternoon teams call: We will be checking up on the Maths work for the day as your PSHE is not due in until Friday.  Please can you try and get your Maths handed in by 1:45 pm at the latest so I can look through it.


Don't forget that you can also:

- complete a spelling activity

- complete the optional activities from your homework books

- do some personal reading and then quiz

- listen to the weekly music 

complete the daily PE activity and log your activities for the Get Set to Tokyo challenge!


Remember I'm available if you have any questions or need any help!


It may be Monday but you've got this! There is nothing you can't do!

Mrs H