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Tuesday 23/06/20

Class Text:


Read to chapter 11.



Continue creating your information leaflet for Golf.


Have a go and solving this shapes making numbers problem. Then try it using the different operations ( x - divide +) and then try the different shapes.

Have a go at making your own by changing the original numbers too.

Leavers' Books:

Please, if you haven't started already, start filling in your Leavers' Books. There is a a booklet of headings for the ages, you can choose which ones you'd like to use. Start adding to your time at Tanworth. A lovely piece of history that you can keep forever. Don't forget to add your autobiography in it and your portraits.

You can by doing a little bit of this each day.

Residential Challenges:


Please ask the permission of an adult before completing these challenges:


3. Roll down a big hill


4. Build a house out of crackers


5. Do an impression of a teacher