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Maths: Today we are going to be thinking about the 9 times table.  Now I know that this can be a tricky times table for you, but if you use the same techniques we used last week for our 6's you will get this one too! Watch the video below and sing along a few times, have a dance to it even!

Now for your tasks, you need to choose to do AT LEAST two from the list below:

  • Play hit the button:
  • Make a counting stick like the one I used with you last week for the 6 times table. Remember, mix the numbers up, put them back in the correct place, take some off, can you still count all the products in the 9 times table?
  • Play the egg box/muffin tray game but for the 9 times table!
  • Draw a multiplication flower like the one pictured below. Start this activity by drawing the centre of the flower, in which you write the number 9 (because that's the times table we're working on!) Then draw 12 petals around the centre, with each petal containing the numbers 1 through 12. The last step is to draw another set of 12 petals which contain the product for each multiplication.
  • I have also uploaded a challenge for you to complete that it similar to the questions we worked on in our afternoon meeting on Friday!


English: Meet me at 10 o'clock for our English lesson.  We will be reading the last part of 'The Cinderella of the Nile'. 

I'd like you to share what you like or dislike about the story as a whole. What connections do you make, what is similar or different to the European version? Is there anything that puzzles you about this story? What would you tell someone else about this book? To record your work, there are no 'work/documents' linked to the assignment on Teams, I'd like you to click the link below and add your thoughts and responses to the questions above.

You will need to click on the plus sign and then you can type anywhere you like. I have recorded a video to show you how to access the page and how to complete the task. Once you have added your comments, click hand in on the assignment.


PSHE: Start by completing the Calm Me time activity.  Watch the video of me taking you through the activity.

Then look through the powerpoint, there are different scenarios of hopes and dreams that have gone wrong.  For each of the scenarios I'd like you to think about: 

1. How it might feel?
2. What might the person do in that situation?
3. How could they overcome the hurt that this situation might cause?
4. How could they be more resilient?

Now I’d like you to think of a time when a situation happened for you that was a broken dream or a disappointment. Think about the questions below, it might be a good idea to talk to someone about them.

•How does it feel when dreams don’t come true?
•What can help when you feel hurt or disappointed? 
•How did you cope with that situation?


Write one piece of advice you would give to someone who is disappointed because a dream has been broken (like the children in the scenario).


Don't forget that you can also complete a spelling activity, read a chapter of 'Secrets of a Sun King' and complete a guided reading task (I didn't have many in last week!), complete your optional Maths task do some personal reading, listen to the weekly music and complete the daily PE activity and activities for the Get Set to Tokyo challenge!