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Wednesday 29th



Today we are moving into a new topic of Measurement! We are starting off by measuring length.  First of all see which units of measurement you can remember. See if you can work out which units you'd use to measure each of these:


Now, you might have different objects at home that you can measure with. I guess some of you will have rulers, some might have tape measures and not many of you will have metre sticks! Remember to ask an adult first, but see what you have got that measures in centimetres and you will be ready for our first fun task.




A reminder of how to measure in cm's

The tallest chair

I would like you to find chairs in your house and to measure them. How tall are they to the nearest centimetre? Which is your largest chair and which is your smallest? I wonder who in the class has the tallest chair (no cheating!) Post your answers onto the class blog and we will see where your chair fits in! 


The smallest item of stationery

Now measure an item of stationery, like a rubber, pencil sharpener or pencil. This time, if you have a ruler, use this and measure in millimetres. Remember, millimetres are the smaller lines and there are 10 of them in a centimetre. Who has the smallest item of stationery? Again post on the blog!


Did you work out the pattern or the rule for your spellings you completed on Monday?

Look for your group's work below. First of all look through the slides to understand the rules first, then have a go at the activity!


Today we will be finding out what Khepri the scarab beetle did as we read on to the end of our story. I've included the whole book today so you can read back if you want to.


I hope you enjoyed the story and enjoyed the main characters of the pharaoh/ prince and Khepri. We will be reviewing the book at the end of the week, but for now I have a different task for you.


Today I'd like you to choose one of the two characters and create a 'role on the wall' for them. This means that you have to think of some fantastic vocabulary to describe them. If the word is about their appearance (what they look like) then we put it outside of their body. If it is about their personality (how they feel or how they act) then it goes inside their body.


Remember to use the sheets in your working from home pack or to use the resources on the class page to help you with some vocabulary. Perhaps you could use the online thesaurus to come up with some synonyms to improve your word choice. Don't forget, if you want to, you could share yours on the blog.


Mrs Cutler has suggested two tasks for PSHE this week.


Firstly, to revisit your personal network. It's really important to have a network you can rely on and in these strange times your usual network might not work because you are not seeing certain people you would normally see. Remember to choose people you are comfortable with and can contact. smiley


The second one is a piece of craft, which you can create just as suggested or you can adapt and make it slightly differently if you want. We all feel a bit better about things when we have something to look forward to. The idea is that you are record things that you are looking forward to and keep them in your jar. When you are feeling a bit down, perhaps you could open your jar and think about the things you are going to do when we get back to 'normal'.