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Friday 03.04.20


We are now at the end of our week of time. Today you will be using your skills that you have learnt and practised this week.

Take at look at the problems below.


There are lots of time activities that I have set on Mymaths for you to complete if you would like to. You might like to use them to keep you busy over the Easter Holidays. There are lots of different ones to choose from and cover all the work that you have completed this week.



Before we broke up I was asking you to think carefully about the join of letter 'o'. We were having a few people going back down at the end of the 'o' to the line and then up again and it made our writing and spellings look like we had extra letters popping up like the letter 'u'.


When joining the letter 'o' to the next letter, it is a horizontal join, be careful!


Complete the handwriting sheet be careful when joining the letter o.

Handwriting joining letter o

Topic/Theme - Art

Have you heard of the Artist Andy Warhol?  Or have you heard of a type of art called 'Pop Art'?  Look through the powerpoint below and find out a little bit about him and the type of art he is famous for.  Then look at the photographs of other children's own pop art work. 



Today you are going to create a piece of Shakespeare inspired Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol. Use the template below and use felt tips, pencils, paint or chalks - whatever you have at home. Remember to make each image different! If you can't print the template then have a go at sketching a picture of Shakespeare and colour in vivid colours - just like Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol Shakespeare template

Have a HAPPY EASTER and well done for working so hard! More learning activities will be set after the Easter Holidays but if you are looking for things to keep you busy take a look at the Extra Any Time activities link - look for the rainbow!