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LO - Can I write the blurb for a book?


Over the last few days, we have been looking at the story of Romeo and Juliet. Imagine the story was not written by Shakespeare, but was written by you. Imagine that you have sold your story to a publisher and they have asked you to write a blurb for the story. The blurb is a short description of the story which normally appears on the back of the book.


Have a look at a couple of your books to get some ideas. The blurb doesn’t have to be really long, but it does need to ‘hook’ the reader in so that they want to read the full story. It can’t give all of the secrets away so you will need to be very selective over the bits of information you give away.

Here is an example of a blurb.







LO - Can I write in code?


Imagine you are Romeo and you need to get a secret message to Juliet (or vice versa). You are going to create a coded message of a couple of sentences.


You will need to start off by creating some kind of key. It could look like this...


A = 9

B = 1

C = 8

D = 7

E =10

F = 6

G = 3

H = 5

I = 15

J = 23


So ‘head’ would be 5 10 9 7.


Try out your code on a sibling or parent (when they aren’t busy).





LO - Can I find words in a word-search?


if you can, please print the first page in the document I’ve attached. They are key words linked with a William Shakespeare. If you aren’t able to print, please look at your screen and try to find the words contained within the word-search.



LO - Can I create a board game?


Using a piece of paper and the questions you created a few days ago, can you produce a board game all about William Shakespeare? It is not essential for you to use your questions but it might help you. You may choose to create a game that uses dice and counters or you may decide upon a different style of game. You may decide to create a game which is similar to an existing game EG Snakes and ladders but with a Shakespearean twist. When you have finished the game, perhaps you could play it with a sibling or a parent.

Children’s Work

Brwyn’s parents have given me permission to share this image.

Leanna’s letter from Juliet