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Wonderful Work From the Summer Term 1st half

Poetry inspired by Brenda Williams's poem 'In Woods Dark and Deep'

Olivia is reading her own poem based on Brenda Williams's poem In Woods Dark and Deep

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Mental Health Awareness Week

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We have learnt that everybody is different and we should celebrate and enjoy our differences. We listened to the story of Elmer and found out that it's O.K to be different and that being different, is being unique!

Mental Health Week by Annabel and Freya, Megan and Freya. Louie has been enjoying his walks and has found an ever growing line of positivity rocks!

Amazing Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy thank you Joshua, Fin, Hywel and Paige for your brilliant creations. Annabel, Olivia and Hywel have made repeating patterns linked with our maths work!

Our fantastic non-fiction wolf work!

Connie has made a powerpoint all about wolves.

V.E. Day celebrations

Super Subtraction from Freya, Hywel, Freya, Annabel, Paige, Megan, Jonah and George.

Wonderful Wolf work by Olivia, Fin, Freya and Hywel.

Super Science - We have been looking at microhabitats. Annabel and Fin have made a map of the microhabitats in their gardens.

Our Little Red work by Hywel, Freya and Fin. Fabulous wolves by Annabel, Fin Paige, Louie, Megan and Jonah. Joshua has even been making his own Ginger Beer!

Great Geography! Megan, Jonah , Freya and Hywel have been thinking about the difference between villages, towns and cities.

Take a look at our Little Red Riding Hood retells by Fin, Paige and Freya!

Mega Maths 2D and 3D shapes Thank you Louie, Megan, Jonah, Hywel, Freya, Olivia, Fin, Paige , Jonah, Annabel and Freya.

Amazing Red Riding Hood Reading Comprehensions by Megan and Hywel. Freya, Jonah and Thomas have been practising their use of commas. Take a look at Paige's and Freya's super handwriting.

Year 2 - St George's Day activities! Can you spot our lovely Zach dressed as St George with his dragon design? Jonah, Chloe, Joshua, Hywel, Thomas and Freya have been busy too!

Getting Creative at home. Olivia has made these beautiful pictures by using a cotton bud - why not have a go yourself!

Wellbeing at home - Lots of fun activities at home thank you Fin, Freya, Chloe, Thomas and Olivia. There is lots of yummy baking and cooking! Well done to Kairav who is keeping fit and thinking about his numbers. Annabel is enjoying her reading books.