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At the beginning of the academic year when the children completed the Protective Behaviours lessons, the children created a personal network. Essentially, this is the children choosing five people that they would classify as a safe person to talk to if they were ever worried about something. We encouraged the children to choose people from different environments they went to so that they always had someone from their personal network around. A lot of children chose teachers from school, some of them even choosing two of their five personal networks to be adults from school. Therefore, this week I'd like you to create a personal network for this self-isolating time period. The people your children choose need to be people they live with or people they can video or voice call but unfortunately it can't be an adult from school for the time being.

They should remember the activity but they may need reminding if they've forgotten.

Please see attached file for more information and template.


The below letter also talks about children knowing how to contact the emergency services if they need. Now this is completely your choice as to whether you want to show your child how to contact the emergency services. When I was around 4 years old my mum wasn't very well and she told me, "If ever mummy is asleep and you can't wake me and I'm not talking to you and daddy is at work you need to call 999 to tell them and this is how you do it." She also told me the importance of not ringing unless it's an emergency. If you have a smart phone that's pin protected, you also need to consider how you would like your children to gain access to your phones. But like I've already said, it's completely up to you as to wether you want to do this.