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Tuesday 19th



Today in Maths we are focusing on telling the time using clocks with Roman Numerals and a digital clock.


I have set you a MyMaths Lesson first, which you will need to login to access. Please only complete Chapters 1-4 and Chapter 7 today please.






When you have done this, please have a go at the questions below which are about telling the time on clocks with Roman numerals and using the digital clock.


Here is a reminder about Roman numerals for you too.



We are going to look at using adjectives to compare today, which is something that we have touched upon before, but you will be learning some new words today.


Miss Wilding is fast, but Mr Nicholls is faster. However, Usain Bolt is the fastest.


In these sentences we have 3 adjectives all coming from the root word 'fast'. 'Fast', just describes Miss Wilding with a normal adjective, but 'faster' compares Mr Nicholls and Miss Wilding. 'Fastest' is used to describe the most fast.


We call the adjective that compares a 'comparative' and the adjective to describe the most a 'superlative'.


When we use a comparative we usually just add 'er' and for a superlative we add 'est' as the suffix.


However, if the adjective has 3 syllables (beats) or more, then we don't add these suffixes, we put 'more' or 'most' in front of the adjective. For example im-port-ant has 3 syllables so we say 'more important' or 'most important'


Have a go at the tasks below to see if you can choose the correct adjectives for more (comparative) and most (superlative) and if you can use them in sentences like I did.
English / Theme

I hope you enjoyed the Egyptian creation stories yesterday. It is interesting to see what different religions and civilisations believe about the creation of the world. You were introduced to a number of the Egyptian Gods yesterday. Today you are going to find out more about them. 

Read the text first, then those which level of questions to answer about the Gods. 


We have learnt about the Christian belief that God is a Trinity and is actually in 3 parts and heard about this when Jesus was baptised.


This idea of something being 1 thing but also 3 is quite hard for many children and adults to understand and get their head around. How can Christians believe that there is only one God, but yet he is in 3 parts? How can they be 3 but also be 1?



To help us think about this I have been for a trip around my house to see what I can find to help us understand this a bit better. Watch each of the videos.

Trinity T (2).mp4

Still image for this video

Trinity M.mp4

Still image for this video

Trinity Ap.mp4

Still image for this video

Now think what else you could use to explain the Trinity or that something can be made up of many parts be still be the same thing.


Put your ideas onto the blog so we can all see them!

Some of you have created videos of your own ways of showing the Trinity. Well done...

Evelyn Trinity.MOV

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

O Trinity.mp4

Still image for this video