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Tues 30th

English/ Theme

This week we are looking at the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification. First of all, please watch this video which is an introduction to mummification and explains why they mummified and how they did it. 


I wonder what you can remember from the video?


- Why were bodies mummified?

- What is the name of the jars that the organs are kept in?

- Why did they leave the heart in the body?


Jot down the other key facts you can remember. 



Today you will need to think back to the work we did on angles in Maths. Do you remember what a right angle is? 



It is a quarter turn or 90 degrees and looks like a capital L. Remember, if the angle is larger than a right angle, then it is obtuse and if it is smaller than a right angle then it is acute.


Today you will need to create your own 2D shapes by drawing them with a ruler. However, you need to make sure that they contain the types of angle that are described.


For example. If you are asked to draw a triangle with 1 right angle, you will need to draw a 2D shape which has 3 sides and one of the angles would need to be a right angle, so it might look like this:


Now have a go at creating your own 2D shapes. If you want to extend the challenge, why not label where you have parallel and perpendicular lines and if any of the lines are horizontal or vertical.

Today we are continuing with our work on plants and thinking about the life cycle of a plant. Have you ever wondered how new plants grow and why there are always new flowers growing? Well it is all part of the life cycle!


First of all, go through the slides below to think about life cycles and to see what happens at each stage. You should remember this from Year 2.

Now we are going to look at the parts of a flower and what they do during the pollination and fertilisation stages. 
Now choose which of the tasks you would like to do, matching the names of the parts of the flower to their jobs. Level 1 is the easiest and Level 3 is the hardest!