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Good morning everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend!


We are now half way through our Spring 1 term. Well done for all your hard work!



9:20 / 9:35 - Morning Phonics Live Lesson

1:45 / 2:00 - Afternoon Feedback Session


You will need a piece of paper/notebook/whiteboard and something to write with.

Phase 5 - 'oi' written as 'oy'

Activity 1: Tricky Word Bingo (see picture below and copy out words ready for lesson)

Activity 2: Reading Words

Activity 3: Write the words from the PowerPoint on pieces of paper and put them up around your home in places you go a lot (bottom of the stairs, kitchen, bedroom etc). Every time you go to that area, read the word.


This week we are going to be looking at a new book.

There is a picture of the front cover below but I have hidden the title.

Please write down your answers to the following questions.


What is the animal on the front cover?


What is the animal holding?


What is the picture in the background?


From your answers to those questions, what do you think the title might be?


Which of the following numbers is the greatest?







Here are two number cards. Use the number track to explain which one is smaller and by how much. To find out how much smaller it is, count from the smallest number to the biggest number.


From your resources pack that you collected from school, complete the Hot and Cold Habitats Animal Sorting sheet.

Use the resources below to help you.