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Play sound and tricky word musical statues.

Today's blend is 'lf'.

Write the following words on a road map and read: golf, elf, shelf.

Have a go at writing the following sentence:

I have an elf on my shelf.

Make sure you have your Phase 2 and 3 sound mat in front of you to help you write your sentence(s).



This week we are going to be doing subtraction.

Introduce a number sum, for example 8 – 5 =

Ask your child to identify the symbol in the middle.

What do we do when there’s a takeaway symbol?

Work out the sum together, using a number line. Emphasise starting on 8 and this time we go backwards on the number line. How many jumps back do we do?

Complete the following sums:

12 - 6 =

15 - 5 =

10 - 4 =



Today's lesson is going to be about family.

Below are some pictures of my family.

I really enjoyed looking through old photos of my family.

Spend some time looking at family photos.


Talk about your families jobs.

My daddy owns a garage that his grandad (my great grandad) owned and it's been passed on down the family. My family has owned the garage for 91 years! My mummy works at the garage doing office work. All of my grandparents have retired but my Grandma (my daddy's mummy) worked at the garage in the office too. My Grandad (my mummy's daddy) used to own a garage but now he works on classic cars at his home (my family loves cars...can you tell?) and my Grandma (my mummy's mummy) used to work at my great grandma's card shop. My sister looks after elderly people in a care home and my boyfriend designs other people's big events on a computer. 


Why are jobs important?

What would happen if no one in the world did their jobs?


Did you learn something new about a family member?