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Friday's learning!


Order for the day:

Maths - meet me at 9.30am for our teams call, then log into My Maths and complete the activity set.

Brain break


Brain break



Brain break

Guided reading - meet me at 1.30pm for our teams call, I will be reading the next chapter to you.

Maths: We will be meeting at 9:30 to practice some of our Maths.  After, log into your My Maths account and practice your column addition with the lesson and homework set for today.  If you have lost/can't remember your log in, please contact the school office and Mrs Bamford will be able to send it out to you! 😄


A list of brain breaks -these are in the files section of the general channel

English: Click on the link and work through the BBC Bitesize lesson.  There is a video to watch and 4 different activities.  Don't worry if you can't complete them all!  Also please don't feel like you need to print things out recording on paper without a writing frame is how we would do in school, you know I don't like worksheets!


Brain break!


SPAG: We often leave the 'ed' suffix of the ends of words when we write in the past tense and lots of us are not using the correct spelling rules to hlp us use the 'ed' suffix correctly.  So today we're going to complete this grammar activity.  Click on the link below, you will need a pen/pencil a piece of paper and your brain! Upload a photo or email it to me!


Brain break!


Theme: Today in school everyone is rasing money!  They're raising money to twin our school toilets in order to build some in Malawi, they will be doing all sorts of things wearing blue, playing quizzes, there's even badges you can buy (contact Mr Fidler for more details) Mr Fidler and Mr Nicholls will be slimed at the end of the day and covered in blue slime!  I was particularly looking forward to that part, but Mr fidler has promised that they will video it so I can share with all of you. Watch the video below and then create a poster explaining why Toilet Twinning is a good thing!  Also can you wear blue today please!  I will be taking a photo/screenshot of our Teams meeting in the morning to send to Mr Fidler for the newsletter/website! Those who are not allowed to have their photo shared will be asked to turn their camera off for that part!


Introducing Toilet Twinning

This is "Introducing Toilet Twinning" by Toilet Twinning on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Toilet Twinning

Guided Reading: Meet me at 1.30 pm for our Teams meeting.  I will be reading the next chapter to you and chatting to you about the story so far. Using the information from the text (I'll let you use the film too if you want!) can you draw and label a picture of a Gronkle?