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English: Watch the video where I explain how to create a newspaper layout using a piece of paper.  I'd then like you to rewrite your different paragraphs that we've thought of over the past week and edit and improve where you can. Remember when we edit we think of CUPS! Here is a link reminding you of how to use CUPS:


Make sure your writing is in the format of a news report (columns!) and use the success criteria checklist like we would in class to make sure you have included everything you need to for your report.


Brain Break


Maths: Meet me at 10 o'clock for our Maths lesson.  We will be starting a new Maths unit today all about Area.  Area is closely linked to perimeter but is different, perimeter is the total length of the outside of a 2D shape, whilst area is the amount of space a shape takes up.  See the picture below for a further explanation.

Today we will finding areas of different shapes by counting squares and by using our multiplication skills!


Brain Break:


History: You will need to use your knowledge from Monday's lesson about Ancient Egyptian homes.  Click on the link and read the two stories about the two ancient Egyptians from different walks of life.

Can you match the two Egyptians to their respective homes? 


Choose one of them, either the farmer or the nobleman, and describe what their house looked like, how many rooms it had, who lived there, how it was decorated, what furnishings it had – and write a description.