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Day 3

English:  Now that you have read the whole book there are a couple of activities you could choose from to help demonstrate your understanding of what you have read.


Activity 1:  Design a menu for the trolls party.  What else did they have to eat?


Activity 2: Write an invitation the trolls could have sent to their guests.


Activity 3: Pretend you are Biff or Kipper.  Write a diary entry for the adventure with the trolls.

Maths:  We're still looking at position today and I have a challenge for you!  But first get active and sing along with The Hip Hop Granny!

Now onto your challenge:


Last week I asked you to create different textured papers, the same way Eric Carle does. Following on from this can you use these to create a collage? It doesn't have to be an insect as in the video below, this is just to show you what to do! I look forward to seeing your final collages!