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Friday 12th June 2020

Bonkers for Bingo!

We are going to have another game of class bingo on Monday for our teams meeting. You will need a piece of paper and pen/pencil to play.



Lots of good hunting was happening yesterday for symmetrical objects.  Check out these objects found at home!



Today you are going to create your own symmetrical patterns. Click on the link below which will take you to an online pattern maker. Select show symmetrical line from the drop down menu. You can create a picture or pattern with a vertical line of symmetry or experiment with the line of symmetry in different places.  This was the picture I made, it matches our theme, can you guess what it is?

There are also some colouring sheets with symmetrical patterns to build and colour.


Well done for all your hard work with your jungle descriptions this week I know it is really hard to write at home because at school we have so much more input, discussion and sharing of ideas and modelling. So I am really pleased with what I have seen.


I had some lovely descriptions from Paige and Joshua which you can see below,

Well Done Paige and Joshua! yes yes

There are also some more fantastic jungle descriptions on our amazing work gallery page, please go and see them! 


Today for your English task I would like you to read the postcard from Sophie who is in India. She has written home to her friend Lisa to tell her about her exciting holiday.  When people send postcards the picture on them often shows where they have been and the things they have done. Today I would like you to design a postcard picture for Sophie's message. You will need to read it carefully to find out where she has been and what she has been doing. You can use the template under the postcard or draw your design on a piece of paper or in your book. 





This Friday afternoon it's assembly time! I know you have all been working hard and doing your best so well done for another weeks worth of fabulous work. On Wednesday the teachers recorded an Open the Book assembly for you called 'Samuel hears a voice' and I play the part of Samuel, I hope you enjoy it. There is an assembly song as well that matches the theme of the assembly.  Have a lovely weekend!


Open The Book Assembly

Still image for this video

Blessed be the name of the Lord