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Wednesday 1st July

Good morning lovelies


Don't forget our call today at 10.45am!

Remember to have a pen and paper to hand!

Looking forward to seeing you all x


Yesterday you should have used your senses to come up with ideas about what you could see, hear, smell, touch and taste in Pompeii as Mount Vesuvius erupted. 


Today, we're going to start to turn these ideas into sentences in preparation for writing a poem. 

Look at the task below for more information. You can write onto the sheet if you'd like but it might be easier to do it straight into your book as you'll have more room!


LO: Can I write descriptive sentences?


Our work over the last few days has focused on 2D (flat) shapes but today we're going to think about 3D (solid) shapes.

3D shapes are made up of nets. We're going to think more about this today and work on identifying the nets that make up different 3D shapes.


Look at the PowerPoint below for an introduction to nets of 3D shapes and then choose a chilli!


LO: Can I recognise the nets of 3D shapes?


So far during our learning on Space, we've looked at the Sun, Moon and the Earth and found out that they're spherical bodies. We've thought about the fact that the solar system is a heliocentric model where the planets orbit the Sun (which doesn't move) and we've learnt about the planets in our solar system.


Today, we're thinking more about the Sun, Earth and Moon. Have you ever wondered why we have day and night? 

Let's find out!

Watch the videos by clicking on the links below:


Now look at the PowerPoint below for more information and then choose a task!


LO: As a scientist, can I explain how day and night are created?