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Week 2

Firstly, I'd like to say hello!  I hope you are safe and well and hopefully enjoying the work you've been doing at home.  If you are having any issues logging into any sites or concerns about the work please do let me know.  I want to make the work as enjoyable for both children and parents as possible as well as engaging and active!


I've been sent some amazing work by Amelia C.  Her drawing and email really brightened my day, if anyone else would like to send pictures of their work or maybe even your runner beans, I would love to see them! I've created an Amazing Work Gallery to record all of the fantastic things you do!



At some point this week I'll also be posting a video of myself reading a story, so keep checking the class page!


Monday 30th March


English/Geography/Science: 'Snowy' the polar bear is visiting his cousin 'Poppy' the panda!  Find out this information about pandas:

Where do they live?

What is the weather like there?

What do they eat?


Would 'Snowy' like to stay there?  Why or why not?


You can record the information in anyway you would like, a labelled drawing to answer each of the questions, a mini factfile, spider diagram/brainstorm or writing in sentences.


Maths: I'd like you to warm up your maths thinking skills by colouring in all the numbers you say when counting in fives on this 0-50 grid.

Parents if you don't have a printer/don't want to print follow the link:


This week we are starting our measurement unit.  This is the first time this year the class have focussed on measurement and so we will be starting with non-standard units.  (For an explanation of what this is click on the link:


Discuss what the words longer, taller and shorter mean. Use these pictures to help you!




Finally, get a pen can you find 5 things that are longer than the pen and 5 things that are shorter than the pen.

Record in a table like the one below.

Shorter than a pen Longer than a pen


Parents, you will need to do some preparations for tomorrow's Maths activity, don't worry it's not too onerous!  You'll need either some masking/washi tape, wool or string cut into five different lengths.


PE: Dance class with Oti Mabuse from Strictly

Oti mabuse and Marius Iepure Shrek kids dance class