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Learning for today

Order of the day:

SPAG - Spelling test

Brain Break

English - Meet me at 9.30 am for an introduction for this lesson.

Brain Break 


Brain Break

Guided Reading - This task should take you a while, if done properly and well.  Split it up over today and tomorrow.  Plan it today and write it tomorrow.

Brain Break

Theme: History - Meet me at 1.30 pm for a History lesson on Alfred the Great.  It would be helpful if you have watched the Horrible Histories episode before our lesson.


SPAG: Spelling test

Listen to the audio file uploaded on Teams (I couldn't upload it onto the website!) and write down the sentences.  Take a photo and upload it to Teams.  


English: Matching paragraphs to subheadings

Meet me at 9.30 for an introduction to your English task. You will need to open the word document and move the text boxes around so the paragraphs are matched to the correct subheadings.

Maths: Click on the link to Oak Academy and complete the Maths lesson.  You will be focussing on subtraction today with one exchange.  There is a worksheet in the lesson that can be downloaded but it does not need to be printed out.  Just take a photo of your workings out on a piece of paper and upload it.

Guided Reading: Re-read chapter 2.  Can you re-tell this chapter from Fishlegs’ point of view?  Describe how he feels at different points in the chapter, what is he thinking and what does he think of the other boys in the DIP, including Hiccup?  This task should take some time to complete if done properly.  That is why I am NOT expecting it to be handed in today, but Tuesday.  You have two days to complete this task!

Theme: History

Follow the link to BBC iplayer, watch the Horribles Histories special on Alfred the Great.  You will need to watch this before our Teams meeting at 1.30 pm.


We will be discussing whether he should have the title 'Great' or not!  After our meeting, I'd like you to fill in the table sorting the reasons why Alfred should be called 'Great' and reasons why he should not.  When you have done this, can you write a paragraph telling me what you think.