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Friday 19th June 2020

Proud as a Peacock! Thank you Jonah, Megan, Sam and Joshua.


Today you are going to be investigators!

Do you think the answer to this question is yes or no? How could you find out? 

Today you are going to measure the length of people's feet and the width of people's hands (hand span).



You will need to record your results in a table and use your measurements to help you decide the answer to our investigation question.  Try to measure as many people in your household as you can.

You could draw round people's feet and hands and measure the length and width that way or try one of the other ways shown in the pictures above.  There is a record sheet for you to complete today to show your results but you can choose to show your cut out hands and feet, your table, or measurement on a poster or photograph too. 


Maths investigation recording sheet - Does the person with the longest feet have the widest hands?


We had some great riddles written yesterday with lots of different animals chosen by you all, well done everybody!


Indian Animal Riddles by Year 2

Today you are going to read the story of The Jay and the Peacock.  


Then I would like you to be the teacher today and write a set of 6 comprehension questions. What questions could you ask that could be answered by the text?


Remember to punctuate them correctly!


The Jay and the Peacock

Topic/Theme - Science

What do plants need to grow? Watch the short video below to refresh your memory! 

Look at my poorly plant!  The leaves have gone brown and droopy and are curling up at the ends. The soil is really dry and crumbly.

What do you think is wrong with it?  How could I make it better?


Watch the second video below for some clues about what my plant needs to get better.

Now use the information below in the slide pictures to help you predict how my other plants will grow. Try to give as much detail as you can.  Some of my plants might start to grow but won't survive for long.  Can you tell me which ones?  Use the sheet below to record your predictions.




Plant Prediction recording sheet