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Spring 1 2021- Baroque Period

Please find below some key facts about the Baroque period of music.

Pieces 4-7 - Vivaldi's Four Seasons

I wonder if you agree with that the music composed fits with each season? What is it about each piece that helps describe the season? Think about the tempo, the timbre (combination of instruments used), the pitch, the dynamics (loudness), and the duration (length) of the notes.

Piece 3 - Pachelbel Canon in D Major

Pachelbel's Canon in D, performed on original instruments from the time of Pachelbel by the Early Music ensemble Voices of Music.

Questions: Can you hear the layers and the depth of the music as each instrument joins in? I wonder if you can find out what a canon is in music terms? How does the piece make you feel?

Piece 2 - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach

This is a famous organ piece from the Baroque period. Notice the change in the pitch and the tempo as you hear and see the notes being played. Can you think of an occasion when a piece of music like this might played? What do you like about the piece and what didn't you enjoy?

Piece 1 - Johann Sebastian Bach-Air on G String

Air from Johann Sebastian Bach's 3rd Orchestral Suites or Ouverture No. 3 in D major. The Air is one of the most famous pieces of baroque music. I wonder if you can identify which instruments are being played? What does the music make you think of?