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Go through your sounds mats saying the sounds and tricky words.

Today's blend is 'lt'.

Have a go at the following activity. These words can be written down if you don't have a printer.

Choose a word from the lt activity and write a sentence including that word and a tricky word.

Make sure you have your Phase 2 and 3 sound mat in front of you to help you write your sentence(s).


Listen to the following story...

The Tiny Seed

Explain this afternoon the children are going on a nature hunt to look for different plants. Can they spot flowers, weeds, trees? Do they know any plants? Choose things to take back home and create a nature picture with. See below for some examples.
You can also complete the following activity. This is optional.


Read the following story to your child:

Miss Smith makes a sandwich filled with crisps, sweets and cake. It is a HUGE sandwich! "Mmm a lovely sandwich filled with all my favourite things. I love fizzy pop too!" said Miss Smith. She then gets a can of coke and pours it all over her sandwich. She is just about to take a bite when Miss Davis walks in and is shocked. She storms over to Miss Smith and takes the sandwich away.


Why did the sandwich get taken away?

Can you identify healthy and unhealthy food in your home?

Should we never eat unhealthy food?

What does healthy food do to our bodies?

If you ate unhealthy food all the time what would happen to our bodies?

What is your favourite healthy food and why?


Have a go at the following activity. If you don't have a printer, have a go at drawing a lunch box with healthy food inside.


At school we are promoting healthy mindsets and colouring is an activity enjoyed by most in the class. I have attached some colouring sheets for your children to do at home if they would like to.