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Weds 25th

Good morning Year 3. 


Welcome to Wednesday. Half way through the week already! The popular choice on the blog was to have a joke of the day from me on the blog post, so if you check on the blog for today, that's what you will find!


As usual, please find the tasks for the day below and don't forget to use the blog if you need help or want to share what you have been doing! 


Have a good day,

Mr Fidler



If you would like to check the answers from yesterday's work, then please check the answers below. Again, if you find you have got one wrong, then see if you can work out why.

Today we are moving onto tenths. This is when we split the whole into 10 equal parts. 

Please watch the video for lesson 3 first, then answer the questions. You can write the answers in your exercise book as on previous days.


Today you are going to need to use your grammar homework book.


If you have the red book, then please complete the work on page 36 which is about root words. 


If you have the green book, then please complete page 32 'adverbs'. 




Today I would like you to be descriptive. Look at the picture below and imagine you are there. What can you see and hear?


Now write a description for someone who can't see it. Remember to expand your noun phrases with adjectives and to use high quality vocabulary.


If you want to use a thesaurus or dictionary, why not follow the link in the 'support documents' part of the Year 3 Home Learning  page to an online dictionary and thesaurus. There is also a file called 'Word Mats' which has the lists of nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives that we have to support us in the classroom. 


Why not read your description to a family member who has not seen the picture and ask them to imagine it? Then you can show them the picture and they can see how close the picture in their head was.



Hola! Que tal? It's Spanish time. smiley


Today we are going to learn the days of the week in Spanish. First, watch this powerpoint to see what the days of the week are. At the end it shows you how to say 'today is...'.


Now watch the video and see if you can join in.

Días de la Semana (days of the week in Spanish) Music Video.mp4

Still image for this video

Now see if you can solve the the questions below. You can write the answers in your book.