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Working From Home

Working From Home

I will be posting daily on this page some activities for you to complete at home. These activities will cover a lot of the learning we have completed this year but some of the tasks will be new to you. Remember, just like in class it doesn't matter if you make a mistake, find things challenging or don't understand. It doesn't matter as long as you try your best. There is no expectation to complete all the tasks but hopefully there will be something that you can enjoy and feel proud of.


Remember most of our independent task time is no longer that 20 minutes so please don't sit all day and try to complete everything all at once. Remember play is important too! Think about how much time we spend singing, chatting, laughing, looking, listening, colouring, painting, making and playing these are all important too. 


Look after each other and I hope to see you soon.


Miss Evens laugh


If you need to get in contact with me, please message the school office directly and they will direct the message onto me.

Are you feeling worried or anxious? 

Do you need someone to talk to?


Because we are not at school with our friends and teachers there may some things that you are worried about and need someone to talk about. When we are in school there are always lots of people to help you talk about your worries no matter how big or small.


You are still able to do this now because we have a special email address that you can share any worries, concerns or even questions. Mrs Bamford and myself can see and respond to any of your emails.

The address is

Emergency help when the school is closed.