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Weds 17th


Today in maths we are thinking about vertical and horizontal lines. 


First of all watch this fun video.

Lines Song

Now go back into MyMaths and complete Chapters 8 and 9 of the lesson 'Angles 1'
When you've done this, have a look at the slides below and see if you can say if the picture has horizontal lines, vertical lines or both.
If you want more practise at finding horizontal and vertical lines, have a look at the challenges below and choose some to have a go at.
English/ Theme
Please watch the next part of the exploration of what was inside Tutankhamun's tomb as we move into the Burial Chamber and the Treasury.

The Discovery of KING TUT | The Burial Chamber and Treasury

Today I would like you to write down noun phrases you could use to describe all the wondrous items that were in the Burial Chamber and the Treasury. 


Try and challenge yourself by using the online thesaurus or the vocab mat to improve the adjectives you use.


Amazing, shiny gold wall - could become A remarkable, gleaming golden surface. 


We are continuing our study of Buddhism and the life of the Buddha. 


When the Buddha found enlightenment under the tree he realised a number of things about life. One of his key teachings is known as 'The Four Noble Truths' and is key to the understanding and learning of Buddhists today.

You might want to think of them like this...



Below are some dilemmas or problems that Buddhists might feel are caused by not following the teaching of the Four Noble Truths. Have a look at each one and have a think about how the Four Noble Truths might be used by a Buddhist to prevent suffering.