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RE and Reflection Task

What stories of the Prophet do Muslims love to tell?

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) inspired people. How do stories of the Prophet show this?

Here are some stories to listen to. The video is The Prophet and the ants and the Crying Camel.

The Islamic Stories of The Prophet and the Ants and The Crying Camel | Religions of the World

Suitable for teaching 5 to 7s. A animated clip narrating two well-known Islamic stories.

The document below tells the story of Bilal one of Muhammad's companions.

If someone wanted to follow the Prophet in Islam in your area today, what would they be inspired to do? Talk about being kind to animals, caring for the earth and helping people who are treated unfairly. Can the children give examples of what they do with regard to these things? Can they think about who inspires them to be kind and caring?


Create a simple outline drawing of a crescent moon – part of the Muslim symbol, showing that faith can light a person’s path in the dark. On one side draw pictures to show how the Prophet inspires Muslims to behave [but NOT drawing the Prophet]. Ask children to draw into the other side of the moon shape pictures to show some behaviour that they think is good or kind. On the other side of the paper write in response to the following sentence starter
“The stories of the prophet teach Muslims...”